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I understand that $25 of the application fee is an administrative processing fee and is non-refundable. The remaining $75 is a housing deposit credited to my account and refundable upon withdrawal of the residential hall or graduation from the university providing that there is not a balance on my account. I understand that at the end of each contract period I am to REAPPLY for campus housing and pay the $25 application fee for existing students and $100 fee for first time residents or returning residents. I further understand housing room and board charges are subject to price change. MY TYPED SIGNATURE ABOVE INDICATES THAT I HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD, AND AGREED TO ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS CONTRACT AS CONTAINED ON THIS DOCUMENT, AND I FURTHER AGREE TO ABIDE BY THE PROVISIONS CONTAINED HEREIN.


Residing in the residence halls is considered part of the student's educational support program and is considered a privilege and is not a right. Therefore, such residency is only a license to occupy and use the residence space assigned to the student for limited purposes; it is not a leaseof University property. The purpose of thisdocument is to establish the termsand conditions of the room and board contract with the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff's Department of Residential Life, referred to hereafter as the "Department" and to contract with the student for housing and food services. A student cannot contract for housing without contracting for board. If there are special dietary needs, the student should contact the Department so that special arrangements can be made. The student’s typed signature on the housing contract means that he/she has read understood and agrees to all the terms and conditions of this contract and further agrees to abide by its provisions.

I. Eligibility for Residence

To be eligible for residence, a student must be enrolled and attending the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. The Department reserves the right not to extend an offer to students who have demonstrated a disregard for the terms and conditions of the Contract or the rules and regulations of the University.

II. Housing Assignment

The Department will begin forwarding an officialhousing assignmentdesignating the residence hall and room to which the studenthas been assigned,at the end of May for the Academic Yearand mid-December for the Spring Semester. Housingassignmentsare non-transferable. The University reserves the right to make assignments to halls other than those requested and to change hall assignments. Requests for hall/room changes are accepted by the Department after August 28th but no later than August 31st . All assignments become permanent after August 31st . Hall/Room change request must be in writing and signed by the student. Most rooms are designed for double occupancy and therefore, room consolidation is part of the Department’s policy. Students are allowed to occupy double rooms as singles if space is available and if they pay the higher single room rate. When a room is occupied byonly one student, the Department may move the student toanother room;assign a roommate or assess the student a higher rate for single room occupancy.

III. Period of Assignment

A. All housing assignments are for one full academic year or spring semester only for those students who attend the University and are eligible to reside in student housing. Summer housing is under a separate contract.

B. The academic year with reference to the residence halls, is definedas beginning one day before thestart of registration in the fallsemester through and including the end of the day (5:00 p.m.) following the last final examination at the endof the spring semester. The residence halls are closed during semester breaksand spring break. Rooms may not be occupied. All residents must be properly checked outof the residence halls on or prior to the Friday(5:00 p.m.) before December commencementand Saturday(12 noon) before May Commencement.

C. Students who desire to occupytheir assigned rooms before thedesignated time willbe charged a fee of $25 per night, payablein advance. The fee will be paid inthe Cashier's Office and receipt presented to the Resident Hall Specialist in the residence hall before being allowed to occupy the room or the fee will be collected by the Resident Hall Specialist if afternormalbusiness hours and student given a receipt.

D. If student fails to occupy his/her assigned room on or before the second day of classes by 12 noon without giving the Department notice, the room may be assigned to another student. Should the student desired a new assignment, efforts will be made to provide another space if such is available, but it is not guaranteed.

E. Students who occupy his/her assigned room and never register will be charged prorated room and board until departure from the residential hall.

IV. Cancellation of Contract

A. Once a student is assigned housing, this contract becomes binding except under the following conditions:

1. Student becomes physically/mentally incapacitated and must separate from the University.

2. Student receives a directed teaching assignment that prevents residing on campus.

3. Student is called to active military duty.

4. Student marries and presents the signed marriage certificate as proof.

5. Student fails to enroll at the University

B. Students desiring to have the contractcanceled and apply for another academic period must state theirdesire in writing and file a new contract with a new application fee. Cancellations must be received no later than August 1st for Fall Semester; December1st for Spring Semesterand May 1st for Summer. The application feesof $100.00 consist of $75.00 which serves as adeposit and is refundable if notice ofcancellation is received by the aforementioned dates. If notice is received after the aforementioned dates, the $75.00 deposit is forfeited. The deposit is also refundable upon notification of graduation or withdrawal from the University. However, if a balance is owed to the University the deposit is credit to that account. The remaining $25.00 of the application fee is an administrative processing fee and is not refundable or transferable under any circumstances.

C. The Department may terminate this contract by (1) giving the student 30 days written notice in advance of the University's desire to have the student vacate; (2) giving the student three days written notice in advance for (a) failure to pay, (b) separation from the University, (c) conduct on the part of the student that violates the provisions of the agreement, violations of residence hall or University rules and regulations including those contained in THE ROAR (UAPB's Student handbook) and the Guide to Residential Living or (3) immediately for conduct which threatens life or property. Students whose contracts are canceled by the Department fordisciplinary reasons will not be refunded any portion of the room and prorated board charges.

V. Room and Roommate Assignments

Students who do not designate a mutual request for each other on the contract will be assigned roommates on the basis of all information submitted. Race cannot be considered as a determination in assigning roommates. Once the room and roommate are made no change can be made without the recommendation of the Resident Hall Specialist and approved by the Department except during specified room change periods. During room changes period all moves must have prior approval of the Resident Hall Specialist. The University reserves the right and privilege to change room assignments.

VI. Charges

A. The University reserves the right toassess charges for damage or loss of Universityproperty both in student rooms and public areas. Public area charges will be assessed to individuals on a prorated basis. Charges maybe assessed for damages found instudent rooms during a period of seven (7) days aftercheck out, provided that the room was not reoccupied during the elapsed time. Students have 30 days from the billing date to dispute charges. All charges become final after 30 days.

B. Students whose contracts are canceled by the Department for disciplinary reasons or the student withdraws from the Residential Hall without prior approval will not be refunded any portion of the room but board charges prorated. Students who withdraw from the University will be charge prorated room and board.

C. The right is reserved to assess a fee not to exceed $35 for failure to comply with administrative check out procedures when vacating assigned accommodations, as well as to assess a fee not to exceed $100.00 for failure toadhere to residence hall policy.

D. The University will assess a non-fundable $25.00 fee for mailbox keys that are not returned to the Mail Center.

E. Charges for room and board are subject to price change each year. Full payment of all room and board charges is expected at registration.

VII. Rules and Regulations

The student shallcomply with all rules and regulations of the Universityincluding those set forth in THE ROAR (UAPB's studenthandbook) and The Guide to Residential Living; with allpublished rules and regulations, rules of the student government association in the hall in which the student reside and assignment materials.

A. The Universityof Arkansas at Pine Bluff considers the general well-being of its students its major priority. In view of various health and safety reasons, the following are not permitted in the residence halls: heaters, pets, fireworks, firearmsand weapons, possession and/oruse of illegal drugs, possessions and/or use ofalcoholic beveragesand coffeepots. Cooking in theroom isprohibited. Allappliances used for food preparation (i.e. hot plates,hot pots, toaster ovens, microwaves, popcorn poppers, electric skillets, etc.)are prohibited and possession or use of theseappliances will result in disciplinaryaction and assessment of fees.

B. Residentsare guaranteed the reasonableprivacyof their roomsand belongings. Rooms may be enteredbyany University officials or staff in the case of emergency, for maintenance and safetyinspection requirements, pest controland when behavioral concerns appear to violate any laws or Universityregulations or policies. The Resident is totallyresponsible forthe cleanliness of his/her room and the conductof all visitors. Resident room may be inspected at any time as determined by the University. I am aware that myhousing privileges may be suspended for misbehavior, unsafe orunsanitary conditions. My roommate and I will share equallyin payment for any damages caused by us or our visitors. I further acknowledge that loud music, cooking and the useof items with open heating elements such as hot plates and fryers are strictly prohibited. Any and all tampering with fire equipment is considered a criminal offense and guilty person (s) are subject to criminal charges, disciplinary action and or expulsion.

C. The Universityprohibits soliciting,canvassing or use of residence hall rooms for business purposes.

D. Through its hall government, each residence hall is responsible for policies pertaining to the behavior of students living on that hall within the limits prescribed by the University.

E. Babysitting or keeping of children are not allowed in the residence halls. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed beyond the lobbyor common area of any Residence Halls.


Recognizing that consumption of alcoholic beverages and other drugs lead to serious problems in the residence hall community, the residence hall have been declared "DRUG FREE ZONES." Any student found in possession ofany alcoholic beverage or anyillegal drug will face disciplinary action by Universityofficials and charges may be brought by federal and state authorities.


All reasonable effort is made toprotect the residence halls and students from fire, theft and hazards, but the Universityis not responsible nor liable for the loss,damage or injuryto any person or property within the residence halls. The Department encourages students to obtain renter's insurance.